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The Sugar & Spice Cheese Gift Box

From: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

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This gift box will satisfy all of your cravings and includes:

  • 6 oz of Five-Alarm Gouda Cheese from Marcoot Jersey Creamery
  • 5 oz of Hatch Pepper Cheddar from Marcoot Jersey Creamery
  • 7oz of Sriracha Cheese Curds from Marcoot Jersey Creamery
  • 1/2 lb of Quark Fudge (Made Fresh by Mama Marcoot)
  • Previously Known as "Sweet & Spicy" Gift Box
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What's Inside

Marcoot Jersey Creamery has prepared a gift box to satisfy the need for sweet and heat with our Five-Alarm Gouda, Hatch Pepper Cheddar, Fresh Sriracha Cheese Curds and Homemade Chocolate Quark Fudge. 
  • Farmstead Cheeses: 5 Alarm Gouda & Hatch Pepper
  • Fresh Cheese Curds: Sriracha
  • Farmstead Cheese & Curds are Handmade in Greenville, IL
  • Chocolate Fudge is Rich, Creamy and Made from Our Quark Cheese
  • The Fudge is Homemade in Small Batches by Mama Marcoot