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Conscious Coffees Mix & Match 2 Pack

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Enjoy our different profiles and roast levels with this 2 Pack of our freshly roasted coffee beans!

Mantécca Blend
Complex and invigorating, this mix of global harvests supports the rooted meaning of espresso. Created through years of improvisation, trial, error, and sleepless nights, this espresso is textured in layers of roasted nuts, chocolates, and sweet dried fruits. The prevailing Sumatra and Ethiopia components of this coffee provide for a reliably high quality and textured blend that represents what Conscious Coffees is all about.

Honduras - Marcala Region, Honey Process
COMSA serves as a pioneering model for organic coffee cultivation In Latin America. They collect microorganisms from around the farm to combine with molasses, coffee pulp, and minerals for fertilizer, producing some of the healthiest and highest yielding shrubs around. This honey-process has more depth and dried fruit flavors compared to the traditional washed version. Honeyed is a processing technique which falls between washed and unwashed.

Ethiopia - Sidama Region, Natural Process
Telamo is the second largest cooperative in the Sidama region with over 4000 member producers. As such, they’re a critical player in the local coffee production and employ around 500 seasonal workers during harvest season. In addition to this scale, Telamo has partnered with the SCFCU Union to gain access to more funding and resources to invest in higher yields and quality for their producing members. The results speak for themself! This coffee is much like our other naturally processed Ethiopians from other cooperatives with a medium to full body and notes of mixed berries and milk chocolate. Enjoy

Dark Star Blend
Easy drinking with depth and full body. Our Dark Star Blend is a bold cup for those who want a deep, richer, heavier-bodied coffee. Using various beans from our partner farms in Latin America, Dark Star has a complex flavor profile with rich notes of brownie and praline. Through vigorous taste tests, long debates, and loyal customer feedback, Conscious Coffees Dark Star came to be. A great cup on its own, its richness lends itself nicely to a dose of your favorite heavy cream.

Colombia - Cauca Region
The Paez (also called the Nasa) are the largest remaining indigenous group in Colombia. They’re committed to self-sufficiency and have a holistic approach to farming, consistently producing one of the highest quality coffee

Sumatra Gayo - Aceh Region
Beans from this Indonesian island are unlike any other in the world. This is due to their unique processing protocol, which falls somewhere between washed and unwashed. The Gayo people occupy the northern part of the island, where the best coffee grows. We roast this one a bit darker to augment the heavy body and accentuate the inherent earth notes in the cup. If you use cream and/or sugar, try this!