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Chili Peppah Water

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What is Chili Peppah Water?

Chili Peppah Water is found on most tables in Hawai’i, nestled next to the shoyu. We say “chili peppah water over everything” and “everything” refers to rice, meats, macaroni salad, vegetables. This version lends everything a spicy, vinegary tang, a gingery kick laced with Hawaiian Sea Salt and it is made with seasonal Pennsylvania peppers so batches will change depending on when they are brewed.

Seasonal Peppers

Every batch of Chili Peppah Water will vary slightly, depending on the types of fresh peppers available each season. Hot peppers used are typically padron peppers, long hots and red rocket peppers. Sweet peppers used are typically lunch box peppers. Match the batch name on your bottle

Batch name:

AMARILLO ESPELETTE Fall 2021: Rice Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Aji Amarillo, Peppers, Onion, Sugar, Sea Salt, Ginger, Ancho Pepper, Espelette Peppers, Xanthan Gum

BACKYARD: Summer 2021 batch of CPW made with many peppers from Kiki’s backyard. Vegan and GF. Peppers include: banana peppers, red rocket, cubanelle, long hots, cayenne, patron, lunchbox, guajillo, ancho, espelette and red jalapeños.

Pocono: Red Rocket, Padron, Lunchbox Peppers

1120, 1220, 12220: Lunchbox Peppers, Long Hots

Ianuali: Long Hots, Cubanelles, Tian jin, Guajillo

Boonville: Ancho and Espelette peppers from Piment d’Ville / Boonville Barn Collective, Long Hots, Cubanelles


Ingredients: Water, Rice Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Onion, Sugar, Sea Salt, Ginger, Ancho Pepper


5.2 oz glass bottle