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Bourbon Barrel Aged Pure Maple Syrup

From: Old State Farms

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During the spring syrup harvest we are constantly tasting our fresh syrup to see if it has a specific flavor profile that is well suited for barrel aging (we are looking for notes of caramel).  After the syrup has been deemed worthy of aging we procure freshly emptied casks from a local craft distillery, Wigle Whiskey from Pittsburgh PA.  We use only 15 and 25 gallon barrels (not 53 gallon which are commonly used for barrel aging) to achieve the most complex and robust bourbon infusion possible. 

Tasting notes:  Notes of caramel & cinnamon, subtle yet sophisticated bourbon flavor in the finish.  

8.4oz (250ml)

  • add a spoonful to coffee or tea
  • drizzle over fresh apple pie
  • enjoy on sharp cheddar or havarti
  • experiment with pork or chicken on the grill
  • spoon over vanilla ice cream