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Bonz: The Green Side of Sod/The Dark Side of Sod, by Julie Pope

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This book is the message on the outside of the BONZ Barb-BQ sauce bottle. BONZ Barb-BQ sauce is the ONLY BBQ sauce on the planet that comes with its own self-help book.

In most cases, death and dying cause anxiety, stress beyond reasonable limits, and the majority have limited knowledge about what to do or how to survive the RIP process. Regardless of whether you’re on the Green Side of Sod or the Dark Side of Sod, Julie Pope brings death out of the closet and demonstrates how to be a healthy end of life survivor, and discusses how to have impactful conversations with family about how to die in the best shape possible. Peace of mind and living a full life cannot be achieved without thoughtful preparation to address the “what if I die” question.