Fat Head Honey Farms – Feast and Field
Fat Head Honey Farms
Clarkson, NE
At Fat Head Farms we create artisanal handcrafted honey using pure practices. Bees are at the heart of our mission, and we strive to keep our bees in the most natural way possible while producing top-of-the-line honey. Honey is like a fine wine, coffee, or artisan cheese. And at Fat Head Farms, we work to educate and inspire both foodies and honey newbies alike to know the taste of exquisite honey. Once you taste the difference, you will never go back to your average grocery store honey. Our bees create unique flavors based on the local floral aromas. Sweet clover, alfalfa, and wildflower are the primary source of nectar our bees forage here in the midwest. Our love of beekeeping and craft goods formed Fat Head Honey. PLEASE NOTE: ORDERS PLACED 9/16 - 9/28 WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL 9/29. We apologize for the inconvenience.