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The Always Pan

From Our Place to yours, meet the cult-favorite, best-selling pan that is designed to replace 8 pieces of cookware.

Pack a Picnic

Hooray, we've made it to Spring! Celebrate warmer weather with these delicious products perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Fresh Picks

Welcome to the Feast and Field Shop, where you can sample and share some of the inspiring and delicious goods you’ve been reading about in the magazine.

Artisan, High-Quality, Mindfully Made and Sustainable Foods

At Feast and Field, we seek out brands that pride themselves on careful craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients and sustainability. Our coast-to-coast travels with the food industry’s finest purveyors allows us to not only share the origin stories our food takes from farm to our tables, but to host this online store of thoughtfully curated goods forged by brands that share our passion for delicious, mindfully-made fare.


Feast and Field tells stories from the ground up — literally. Each week, we travel somewhere new, delivering captivating profiles of growers, producers, pioneers, entrepreneurs and chefs who are shaping America’s food future.

Our editorial team strives to tell the complete story of food and drink in America — complete with recipes, tips, how-to’s and fascinating facts. Every issue delivers on a new topic, always leaving you entertained, informed and inspired to get creative in the kitchen.

Where will we go next week?

...a decadent, rich delight! It has a deep chocolate flavor and is not too sweet.
Donna Schoonover, about Honeymoon Chocolates Drinking Chocolate
I drink a lot of cranberry juice so it's nice to find these seeds and incorporate them into morning smoothies and muffins.
Julie M Hoover, about Miller Organics Cranberry Seeds
I have already ordered twice. These nuts are the freshest on the planet. Every flavor is awesome.