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Artisan, High-Quality, Mindfully-Made and Sustainable Foods

At Feast and Field, we seek out artisan brands that pride themselves on careful craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients and sustainability. Our coast-to-coast travels and discussions with the food industry’s finest purveyors help us appreciate and share the origin stories and the fascinating journeys our food takes from farm to our tables. These efforts also allow us to host this online store, which showcases our thoughtfully curated collection of outstanding goods forged by brands that share our passion for delicious, mindfully made fare.

Locally Sourced from Around the Country

Through this Shop, we continue our work of empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the food they eat by fostering a deeper connection to how it is produced. We offer an easy, one-stop-shopping experience for locally sourced items from around the country. Learn about our sellers’ fascinating food sources and how they are pioneering their craft while conserving resources. From chocolate sweetened with raw honey in Missouri, to maple syrup sourced from ancient trees in Pennsylvania, to popcorn made from the cornfields of Colorado and Nebraska, our locally sourced Feast and Field offerings are unparalleled.

Innovative Cuisines Created with Integrity

Today, more than ever, many of us want to support authentic companies that share your values. Feast and Field makes that easier.

Our carefully curated ensemble of small- to medium-sized food makers and producers welcomes you to a community of food enthusiasts who care about natural and wholesome methods of production.

Feast and Field has captivated a national audience hungry for innovative cuisine created with integrity.

Being featured in our Shop helps popular local brands with a small loyal following gain traction and a wider audience who can appreciate their attention to craftsmanship. Some of these local brands are becoming well known regionally and even nationally.

At Feast and Field we believe food is one of the few subjects that collectively link us on a local and global level.

The topic of food can be used as a tool to strike up a conversation with a stranger or break the ice on a first date. Whether you are breaking bread, popping corn or creating a stunning charcuterie board for your guests, sharing delicious food is integral to building community and family ties.

How to Appreciate the Feast & Field Product Selection

Expand your palate by experimenting with new ingredients in old recipes and discover brands you might miss out on otherwise.

Treat yourself and your family to a growing selection of food and beverages you won’t find at a grocery store.

Savor exceptional farm-to-table snacks, sips and treats from locally sourced brands.

Feed the guests at your next gathering with unique, conversation-starting fare they’ll adore, prepared with the latest in cooking technology.

Relish in your newfound ability to find delightful gifts for the hard-to-shop-for folks on your list.

Grab a seat at our virtual table as you shop and taste all that life has to offer with Feast and Field.